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Game News
Official Welcome to Rudimentary 

Think of all the stuff you remember from grade school and put that into your mindset playing with us don't question just do what you do learn by your mistakes the more you make the better you get trust me it happens

the name comes partly from my work since I am a chemistry major and the other Half my favorite band Rudimentary Peni 

As I said on the IRIS website Adult  ( word to kiddies warning guild may contain explicit language 
I quote Suicidal Tendencies here... oh so your offended well maybe you needed to be offended...

We are a party guild when we are on we will party 

For Now 3 basic Rules apply   CAWU NBG YRYG  last one is rare shortened means ( You Represent your Guild )

try your best to be respectful but I reserve the right to Ignore Total Idiots Please do the same

flaming happens tempers flare crap happens and lag and text will slay you like a bad habit do not rage quit

Take a break have some Cocoa when your ready to come back Lets go out and Kick some Ass!!!

I should have the Team Speak going soon it is better for raids Honest even if you just want to listen and talk in text its very helpful and I respect the fact some do not want to talk in voice chat...  However I need you Listening Thats all 

And lastly I want to say jabs and Pokes are in good fun helpful and Needed I will be the first say I am a Airhead and Quiet most of the time I have two chat Modes Rant  or Weird unless its a raid then its normal

This is a Work In Progress Please if you have any issue even saying that this needs work how I should word it PLEASE Mail me all advice is welcome  if your here to flame me /ignore  sorry did say something oh its good why thankyou lol
Guild News

Lag Leveled

Chlorine_IRIS, Dec 18, 10 10:28 AM.
ok seriously Iris has the worst fucking lag ever Chlorine lag leveled wtf  apparently I killed the mob i was trying to die to sigh not going to level to 20 just going to grind exp in pvp 

facebook entry guild front open

Chlorine_IRIS, Dec 14, 10 8:50 PM.
Well No Iris today grrr Angry  Made a red Skull of an Elf used it for facebook LOL

Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

Chlorine_IRIS, Dec 14, 10 2:08 AM.
Its LIVE now beat with a Cudgel till its a bloody mass Whoops Wrong Website Please forgive the badly done first Page its 3 am and I am Half Asleep it will be fixed when I find my happy Helmet 

Happy Happy Joy Joy 
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WE are Recruiting Levels 1- 20 Iris Online Annes Wind
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